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3 Easy Steps to Organize Your Linen Closet for Efficiency

Organizing your linen closet may not be at the top of your to-do list with just over two weeks left in the year, but hear me out! I highly recommend dedicating time to decluttering and organizing your linen closet at least once a year. And if you are hosting overnight guests or traveling soon, it's the perfect time to tackle this task. 

There’s nothing quite like having a clean and organized space that streamlines your routine, whether you need to quickly freshen your bed or a guest space or pack for a much-needed getaway. Even if your linen closet just needs a little maintenance, you're in the right place! Here are the top 3 tips to check this off your list easily…

Step 1: Declutter and Let Go of Unnecessary Items

If you're new here, we believe in "using the good China"! Simply put, we will always encourage you to live in the now and stop hoarding your good stuff, including your good linens, beauty products, and more.

 In a majority of the homes that our team has had the privilege of organizing, we typically find two categories when we dive into the linen closet. The first is the abyss of the "just in case," and then there is the treasure trove of "too good to use" items. Keep only what you need, use, and love when decluttering your linen closet. Toss out mismatched sheets, worn towels, and expired personal care products. 

If this process is challenging for you, remember that the items we own only add value to our lives if we use them. Instead, focus on curating some excitement and luxury into your home routine by actually using the things you own, making them a part of your personalized rotation. Our suggestions are:

  • 2 to 3 sets of bedding per bed 

  • 3 towel sets per person, 1 hand towel per day

  • Beauty products generally have a 12-month shelf life

  • Cleaning products are less effective after 12-18 months

Remember, give the space a good wipe-down while you have everything out.

Step 2: Organize and Streamline Your Essential Items with a Strategic System

Whether you're organizing a small linen closet or not, the goal is to create a fully functional space for your entire family. Once you have thoroughly decluttered the space, analyze the items you decided to keep. Setting up sound organizing systems is essential to staying organized because our linen closets frequently function as multipurpose storage areas. They can quickly become disorganized without them.

First up, confirm the best location for each item. What needs to be up high? What should be easily accessible? Next, keep your intentions and unique household needs in mind. For example, is someone other than you responsible for the laundry? Maybe your tween or a housekeeper? Will they take the time to fold the sheets immaculately? If not, skip that 'Pinterest-worthy" idea and select a practical and sustainable solution. 

If you were working with a professional organizer, they would help you to identify your "prime real estate", that is, the space that's most visible and accessible for your most often used items. Here are a few of the rules we always follow:

  • Store like items together 

  • Store sheets by bed size

  • Measure each space and adjust the shelving 

  • Select non-nesting products that are stackable

  • Use vertical space, including the door

When selecting products, keep the overall aesthetics of your home in mind. Avoid the urge to purchase the latest viral organizing trends. Stick to the solid basics. A few of our favorites are hyacinth baskets, multipurpose bins with handles, and, of course, divided turntables, aka deep lazy susans.

Step 3: Label & Familiarize Yourself with the Proper Place for Each Item

If you want to increase the likelihood of your linen closet staying organized, don't skip this step! Labels take a lot of the work out of maintaining your space by identifying what items are, where they are located, and where things should be returned. Using a label prevents clutter from building up.

Simple is best. Rather than selecting a fancy label, most of our clients prefer a simple, bold label that is easy to read. You should base the label size on the product or shelf.

Organizing your linen closet is time well spent!

If you enjoyed these linen closet design tips and want help tackling your next organization project, reach out!



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