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Why should you choose The Modern Steward?

For years, Kimberly and Larry have been assisting a wide range of clients, whose busy lives have caused them to overlook their daily clutter. Sometimes disorganization and clutter can cause unnecessary stress and chaos or be a sign of a struggle that you're not totally aware of. The Modern Steward works with their clients to not only tidy up their homes, but also develop stress-free systems that make sure your home is cleaner and your life is easier. 

We offer a variety of services including: 

  • Professional Organization

  • Moving & Relocation Services

  • Discard & Donate 

  • Declutter Coaching

  • & more! 


Every service we offer begins with a consultation so we can get a sense of what is causing you the most stress and/or confusion. The consultation gives us an opportunity to get a sense of your daily life so we can decide what organizational systems we can help you implement to streamline your day. You will notice a drastic increase in the amount of time you have to spend with family, friends, hobbies, pets, and even work by incorporating organized systems into your daily life. Sometimes figuring out what is eating up the bulk of your time can be confusing and time consuming, so leave it to the experts at The Modern Steward! 

About the Owners

In 2010, we decided to do this thing called “life” together after being friends for some time. Our union produced a beautiful blended family of 5. Outnumbered from the start, I STRUGGLED to implement systems that worked for everyone. At times we had 3 people home and sometimes a full house…This added to my desire to create organization and put systems into place within our home.


Both Larry and I worked full time and we enjoy volunteering as well, which left little time for home organizing projects. In 2013, we had an epiphany- LOL! Really we just had enough and we were ready to make a CHANGE. We were hopeful that this change would allow us to focus on our faith, family, and find some enjoyment in our secular work.  And so our journey began...


Larry is a licensed contractor, specializing in the installation of our custom systems and the electrical field. He made the leap in 2013 to be an independent business owner and his transition was rather smooth. He’s the adventurous one! As I pondered my next move, I was a bit anxious... I had become comfortable after 16 years of working within a large health care network as a HIPAA Coordinator. So, I did my research. 


My "Aha" moment came after reading an article that suggested completing a survey to identify unique job opportunities. It helped me identify my strengths and focus on my unique abilities.  Now I was excited!  In addition, to my strong administrative background, I must give credit where credit is due. I grew up in an EXTRAordinary clean and organized home, thanks to my Mama.


The transition took me a total of six months. I started offering PA services (personal assistant) on a limited basis in January of 2014. I had previously negotiated a four-day work week with my 9 to 5, so I used part of my day off and weekends to accommodate clients. Local business picked up FAST!  Professional Organizing services were added at the demand and constant request from our clients. I officially resigned from my 9 to 5 in July 2014. And little by little we niched out a life that we enjoyed and allowed us to pour into our family.


And here we are!  We are extremely grateful to our awesome clients and for the support of our family and friends.

Kimberly & Larry

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