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Why the Expertise of a Professional Organizer is Worth the Investment

Updated: Nov 20, 2023


Ever wonder who hires someone to organize their personal belongings? Or why someone would hire another person to do something they can do themselves? Sure, you can organize your home on your own, BUT... 9 out of 10 times when a prospective client reaches out to me, they have already tried that approach several times. Organizing your home goes beyond a weekend purge session - you need to have a plan. In addition to having a well mapped out plan, you need uninterrupted time & accountability.

The right Professional Home Organizer can help you with both and so much more. You see, they have the expertise and experience that will help you meet your goals more efficiently. I'm sharing my top 3 reasons why decluttering with an organizer is better than DIY.

Reason #1: A Pro Will Give Accountability & Support

Most people can motivate themselves to start the decluttering process, but they also admit to becoming overwhelmed or distracted. This results in a larger mess than before. The results are not what they envisioned.

When you choose to work side by side with a professional organizer, you have more accountability and support. As you systematically work through your home, you will begin to see the results right away. Not only do we provide accountability for you, but we help you do it in a really objective manner. How? Because we do not have the same emotional attachment to your items as you do. When you’re working alone, on the other hand, you may become overwhelmed, frustrated, or be tempted to quit.

This was the predicament that one of our recent clients found herself in. She was working 40 hours a week and overwhelmed by her upcoming move, so she reached out to us. The results were nothing short of amazing - in all, we decluttered 26 bags!


Reason #2: An All-Inclusive Service Handles Everything

Once you decide to hire a professional organizer, it’s important to find the best one for your specific needs. Envision your completed space but don't stop there, list the steps it will take to execute your goals ahead of time. This will allow for you and the organizer to have the same expectations throughout the project. By understanding what a professional organizer can do for you and your specific goals, you can narrow down the list.

During your consultation, be sure to ask your perspective organizer these specific questions: Do they prescribe to a certain methodology or technique of organization? What is the process for shopping for needed materials? How many team members will be on site? Is there an additional fee for installation or hauling away donations & discards?

We offer an all-inclusive service, which includes declutter, donation & discard, and design & installation. We have found this method of delivery to be the most impactful.


Reason #3: An Organizer Blends Function with Your Aesthetics

Since you're reading the article, I’m sure you’ve considered some of the advantages of being organized at home. For instance, streamlining your cleaning routine or gaining control over how you spend your time. As we work through your space, we are looking to create systems that meet your every need.

You may wonder, what is an organizing system and how can it bring more order to my life and home? A good organizing system will take into account the steps you take to complete a certain task or routine. In short, an organizing system is a sort of workflow for different processes that we do in our daily lives. Our main goal is to create functional space that supports your productivity.

Here at The Modern Steward, we often say "function over aesthetics" leads to a more organized life and home. Don't worry - we will keep your inspiration in mind. In fact, we like to create a Pinterest board for each client to guide us. Like most professional organizers, we will come back and adjust any systems as your needs and family grows.


If you have been on the fence about delegating the task of organizing your home, I want you to answer these two questions:

  • Do I have the time and energy to completely declutter and organize my space?

  • Would I benefit from having support that will help me effectively reach my goal now?

Have a question about my decluttering, donating, and organizing process? Ask in the comments below or book a free discovery call with me.

See you soon,


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